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Curtiss P40F Warhawk

Registration: G-CGZP

Operator: The Fighter Collection

Year of Manufacture 1941

Powered by one Rolls Royce Merlin 500 engine

Colour scheme. “Lees Hope” from the 85th Fighter Squadron, 79th Fighter Group.

The Fighter Collection’s Merlin-engined P-40F is one of only two left airworthy anywhere in the world. Manufactured at the Curtiss facility in Buffalo, New York in the autumn of 1942 and allocated Bu No. 41-19841. She was delivered by land to the Stockton In-Transit Depot in California for onward shipment in November, where she was then shipped to the Thirteenth Air Force in the Southwest Pacific on Christmas Eve 1942. Unfortunately her service career remains a mystery, but the only P-40Fs to see combat in the Pacific Theatre were flown by the 44th and the 68th Fighter Squadrons of the 347th Fighter Group in the Solomon Islands from November 1942 to October 1943.

First image credit: John Dibbs

Second image credit: Harry Measures

Curtiss Warhawk P40F - Pic1.jpg
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