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Entertainment & Historical Exhibits
at The Flying Legends Airshow 2023


The Big Easy

An energetic 6-piece swing band from Leeds, The Big Easy will make you want to get up and dance. With a repertoire spanning the 20th century from the early days of jazz, classic New Orleans numbers and lively jump-jive, their dynamic, energetic and virtuosic performances are great to watch and are perfect for dancing. With moments of soulful-melancholy interspersed with high-energy swing, this band promises a memorable night!



Kyle Evans as George Formby

Fast becoming one of the most popular George Formby tribute acts, Kyle brings back the humour and music of the beloved entertainer on his vintage banjo ukulele. It can’t help but bring a smile to your face and put a spring in your step. Feels like it’s going to turn out nice again!


The Hotsie Totsies

All the way from 1940's New York City these broads will captivate you with their flawless harmonies and sharp wit, all while looking a million bucks. These gals are no strangers to The Flying Legends Airshow. Fellas hide your wallets, and ladies lock up your sons!





Enhancing your dancing since 2005. Your one-stop shop for all things related to Swing Dance, these toe-tapping, hip-swinging partner-spinners will show you how to shake your stuff 1940s style. Join them for a dance lesson after their performance alongside The Big Easy and The Hotsie Totsies!



'Allo 'Allo Characters

'Allo 'Allo what's goon on hore?  Meet Rene, Edith, Yvette and see if you can translate Officer Crabtree's nonsense as we transport you back to the 1940's with our colourful Characters from Cafe Rene.  Chat to Rene about the latest plots and schemes from the resistance, see what Yvette thinks of the wet celery and whatever you do don't ask Edith to sing!  Plenty of photo opportunities to be had with this lot, and some good old-fashioned sing a longs too!

The Troubleshooters  Living History Group

The Troubleshooters are a group of friends, passionate about keeping history alive with their selection of award winning allied WW2 vehicles.

The Troubleshooters attend events, displays, and commemorations with their WWII trucks, which all

arrive under their own power. All the Troubleshooter vehicles are road legal and are impressive to see.

At large events they set up a display of deactivated small arms and wartime equipment.

From Boroughbridge to Bayeux, Adel to Arnhem, the Troubleshooters trundle, they educate and have fun.

Always a big hit.


Laurel and Hardy

The famous & hilarious duo, Laurel and Hardy with their Model T Ford.

More info to follow!

R/C Static Model Aircraft.

An impressive static display of radio controlled aircraft.

More info to follow!

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