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Curtiss Hawk 75

Registration: G-CCVH

Operator: The Fighter Collection

Year of Manufacture 1939

Powered by one Pratt and Whitney R-1830-925

Colour scheme. Armée de l’air standard three tone scheme and also wearing the Lafayette Escadrille Sioux Indian head.

The Curtiss H-75 was a private venture which flew for the first time in May 1935. Following development and a new engine, three prototype aircraft were ordered by the US Army Air Corps under the designation Y1P-36. This eventually led to the P-36 lineage which went on to serve with around a dozen air arms across the world, including the USAAC as the P-36, the RAF as the Mohawk, and France as the H-75. Our Hawk wears an authentic Armée de l’Air standard three-tone scheme, with her GC 11/5 markings on her port, and the Lafayette Escadrille Sioux Indian head motif (the TFC logo) on her starboard side. The Fighter Collection’s Hawk is a very rare aircraft, as she is the only airworthy example of the Curtiss P-36 lineage left anywhere in the world.

First image credit: John Dibbs

Second image credit: Harry Measures

Curtiss Hawk 75 - Pic1.jpg
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