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Curtiss P-36C


Registration: G-CIXJ

Operator: The Fighter Collection

Year of Manufacture: 1939

Powered by:  Pratt & Whitney R-1830-17. 1,200hp

Colour Scheme: US Army Air Corps.


This is last Curtiss P-36C constructed Serial No. 38-210. Built in 1939 and delivered to Selfridge Field, Michigan in May 1939. She participated in the 1939 Cleveland Air Races in September 1939 with experimental camouflage.

She participated in the War Games at Maxwell Field following the Air Races.

She was sent to Wright Patterson for testing in 1940 and then on to serve with several different squadrons on the U.S. East Coast.


In 1942 she was sent to Chanute Technical Training Command for a few months, thereafter she was labeled obsolete and flown to Buckley field in Colorado.

She was put into a Tech School following her decommission and was later acquired by a Pratt & Whitney Tech instructor from Canada, where she resided until a Florida collector acquired it and passed her on to The Fighter Collection more than a decade ago.

The restoration commenced some four years ago, under the leadership of Matt Nightingale at Chino, California when sufficient original parts capable of overhaul were recovered to ensure that the aircraft could be completed to fly. Steve Hinton carried out the shakedown flights and the FAA certified P-36C made it first public appearances at the 2015 Planes of Fame Airshow, in unique flights with the Museum's Sikorsky P-35 in similar markings.

First image credit: Xavier Meal

Second image credit: Harry Measures

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