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'Flying Bulls'

Chance Vought F4U-4 'Corsair'


Registration: OE-EAS

Operator: The Flying Bulls

Year of Manufacture: 1945

Powered by: Pratt & Whitney R2800 CB-3

Colour Scheme: Flying Bulls


The prototype of the Corsair was developed in 1938. The model aimed to deliver around 2000 HP from an 18 cylinder double radial engine by Pratt & Whitney. The 46,000 cubic centimetres of the propulsion make it not only extremely powerful, but also really loud. The gull-wing configuration, which made it possible to install a relatively short and light carriage, was a result of the propeller’s large four-meter diameter. Precise surface geometry resulted in three beautifully engineered and divided hydraulic landing flaps known as Fowler flaps. A unique feature is the hydraulic system, which allows the wings to be folded vertically when the plane is parked. This system was introduced due to the limited space on aircraft carriers, for which the Corsair was designed.


Image: The Flying Bulls

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