The Aircraft

Junkers Ju52 F-AZJU

• Aircraft Type: Junkers Ju52
• Operator: Amicale Jean Baptiste SALIS
• Year of Manufacture: 1943
• Powered by: x3 ENMASA BETA3 750 CV’s
• Colour Scheme: Luftwaffe splinter camouflage

In 1931 the German engineer Hugo Junkers designed the Ju52 the prototype of a single engine civil transport aircraft, covered with corrugated metal sheets. This aircraft had an important internal volume but was lacking an effective payload. With the addition of two engines on the wing, the Ju-52 was born. With a payload of 1800kg. The Ju52 was intensively used by the Luftwaffe. Equipped with wheels, skis, or even floats it was the backbone of the military transport. Troup transporter, para-droper, used to supply the army from the eastern Russian steps to the Libyan Desert. This Ju52 is one of the first CASA 352s built in Spain. The fuselage was manufactured in Germany by Junkers and the wings by CASA in 1943.The fuselage was sent to Spain with thirty others, to join the assembly line. After decommission the Ju52 was acquired by a British Movie company. In 1990 she was acquired by Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis and meticulously restored by the Amicale team.

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Images: AJBS