The Aircraft

Grumman TBM Avenger HB-RDG

• Aircraft Type: Grumman TBM Avenger
• Operator: Charlie’s Heavy Association
• Year of Manufacture: 1945
• Powered by: Curtiss Wright R2006-20
• Colour Scheme: U.S.S Cape Gloucester (CVE-109)

The Lausanne based TBM-3E is powered with the original 1925 h.p Wright Double Cyclone R-2600-20 Engine. The aircraft wears the U.S markings worn by the Marine Torpedo Squadron 132 based on the Escort Carrier U.S.S Cape Gloucester during 1945 in the Pacific. During that period, thirty three combat aircraft were based on the 12,000 ton Commencement Bay Class Carrier, twelve of which being TBM-3E’s. Two 2201/58 U.S Gallon droppable wing tanks were fitted between the fuselage and main landing gear legs giving the Avenger extra range.

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Images: Credit Marie-Dominique Schenk